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Fun With A. C. Gilbert S Gauge Trains

   We just want to have fun with American Flyer Trains and have established an internet based club in Denver Colorado for Flyer enthusiasts.  We are somewhat unique in that we have formed a toy train collector and operator's club with;

  • No Dues
  • No Officers
  • No Constitution or By-Laws
  • No Rules
  • No Politics.
  • Just fun with American Flyer trains.

   Club membership is open to any American Flyer enthusiast.  If you would like to join (It's free, there are no dues and you can resign anytime), just enter your name and email address on the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you. The more members we have, the more we will be able to do as a club to have fun with American Flyer Trains.

   We use MailChimp to maintain our membership roster which is also our email list. They insure our emails and newsletters are not considered spam so they get delivered. Since we don't have any clerical help, they also maintain our roster and insure that unsubscribes and updates are current.  If you wish to resign from the club, just unsubscribe and you are permanently removed from our membership roster.

   If you unsubscribe (resign) by accident you will have to subscribe again as we cannot add your name back to the roster (part of the
anti-spam guarantee and assurance that the unsubscribes are respected).

   Also, if you have any suggestions on how we could make the club more interesting and useful to the members please let us know.

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Fun With The Wonderful A. C. Gilbert S Gauge Trains

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