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Video of Ray Puls American Flyer "S" Gauge Layout
    The video was made over the weekend during a "play trains" session after the club, (The Badgerland "S" Gaugers) meeting. The operating session lasted a total of twelve hours and only ended when the last person could no longer keep his eyes open. The train operating session featured the running Legacy, TMCC, FlyerChief, and conventional trains on this layout all at the same time and all being controlled with the wireless remote control hand units. This is made possible by using the Lionel Legacy system including the Legacy Powermasters. This control system has made the running/operating of our trains so much more enjoyable and yet is not overly complicated. - Ray

    Ray also sent us pictures of the layout under construction that are on the Member Layouts page. - Editor



Tom Barker - American Flyer S Gauge train set up.
A view from the cab of the 302AC.


Here are three videos uploaded by Ken August 2009

   This is an American Flyer 9 X 5 layout. It has three connected loops and the inner loop can be used as a reverse loop. The layout is light and portable. It has no legs and simply sits on the ping pong table.

   This one shows American Flyer trains doing switching operations.

   This one is “How to Build an American Flyer Layout on a Ping Pong Table.
Rolling out the American Flyer layout to its seasonal home on the 9 X 5 ping pong table.


Fun With The Wonderful A. C. Gilbert S Gauge Trains

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